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Lemonhead OG

Lemonhead’s potent smell hits you in the nose from the first moment you pick up the bud! Lemon and OG flavors wash across the palette lasting much longer than the exhale while you experience a heady onset and a lasting relaxation.

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We live, breathe, and sleep growing the finest cannabis you can find.


Growing premium cannabis is truly a “labor of love” that we at Royal Choice Farms embrace with open arms. We bring the best nature has to offer with each harvest.


We take time each day to personally tend and care for each individual plant to ensure happy buds. All flower is hand trimmed for the connoisseur’s preference.


There is an art to the science of growing cannabis. Our growers utilize nature’s tools to provide the best organic experience cannabis offers. Discover the difference organic gives. Flavor, aroma, smoothness of inhale… on point and powerful.


A cannabis seed is planted.. and so the journey begins from our family to your community, connecting the mind, body and soul. Our plants reach for the lights each day growing happy and tall radiating the energy invested into their growth.

Why pay the doctor to make us better when we should really be paying the farmer to keep us healthy?

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